2015-Why I stayed in Greece?

2015 in review

As 2015 smoothly comes to an end, I would like to actually gather all the answers I had to give to the question: “Why you didn’t go to Switzerland and stayed here?”. You see 2015 had some nice milestones for me, like Paris, graduation as the top student from DIT, the European Project I worked on, a kiss, Cage and its new apps and the start of my Master studies. However, my decision to abort my studies in Switzerland, at EPFL (one of the top), 3 hours before the flight, was a critical one, a life changing one, because my life would take such a different course, based on that decision!

Every year, since my 2nd year at uni, I had to answer that question, leave or stay, based on good job offers or studies. However, this one at EPFL almost got me. So why didn’t I go? For sure, it was the optimal choice for my career, whether this is going to be an academic one or not. And money is everything, but money is not everything. 🙂

The reasons I stayed here:

  • The people I love are here.
  • I love it here, despite being in many countries (and I am so shocked when I see compatriots going on a journey abroad and then fall in love with that country that much, that they ignore Greece), because it’s really one of the most beautiful countries and where I live is very nice too.
  • Every year I was travelling abroad, I didn’t want to set off on a new journey again!
  • In Greece I am more comfortable, since I grew up here and everything is easier for me.
  • My experience says that what I am loosing from not doing my Master there is: i) I can’t tell I did my Master at EPFL, which makes a difference, ii) I won’t meet the people who are pulling the strings. All the rest, are balanced between EPFL and DIT (well yeah DIT has the problems of Greek Universities (financing, occupations (καταλήψεις)), but still it manages to be one the best).

Long story short, I am convinced I am going to do just fine if I stay in Greece, but what about my children? Will they have a better future in a well organized country, since Greece will not change until the very last day of my life (well actually it will, but for the worst)? That’s a question that will haunt me after a couple of years for sure!


5 thoughts on “2015-Why I stayed in Greece?

  1. I can imagine Greece as an unstable but lovely country! This description matches well with my home country Lebanon. I often ask myself the question: Are you happy nowadays? If the answer is yes, don’t think about what you might have missed, think about what you have. I find this post interesting and funny because in my case I decided first not to go and study in Germany, at TU Berlin (not 3 hours before the flight :P). Then later, in another opportunity, I decided to study in France at CentraleSupélec. I assume that I can come back to my home country someday if I want to and visit Lebanon from time to time to see the people I love. Anyway, you have good reasons to stay and there is no right or wrong choice. Happy new year and best continuation!

    • Alaa yes we have things in common, as our countries! 😉 Remember the Mediterranean days back in Inria, right? 🙂 Well, your approach is logical and it’s the one I would follow if I did go to EPFL. For now, 2016 will find my in Greece and 2017 I would say for certain. But what about 2018? We will see! Happy new year, with health above all!

  2. Fun to read this – I did smth similar also aborted leaving to another country for studies one level higher than master’s, when I had already purchased the plane ticket. Yeah more or less reasons because I find it easier to live in my own country. But was fun to read about match with flight.

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