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    • Καλησπερια Στελιο και ακομα μια φορα μπραβο για τον κοπο σου. Αλλα, απο τι ακουω, το εχεις το θεμα 😉

  2. 3rd example review :
    compatiable only with turbo c++ 3.0 (bluecsreen) [in windows XP]but processor fault occurs in the line -> *bar=toupper(*bar) during runtime in turbo c++ 4.5 (white screen) [in windows 7]& also it runs in compiler named dev c++[in windows XP] without waiting for getch() [I added #include before main() & getch() in main() in the source code] & in dev c++ 5.4.0 [in windows 7] before printing “MY SAMPLE STRING”, message box the “program has stopped working” comes.
    -more about 1st example if you have been seen this comment & reply me

  3. I tried your code to write greek in LaTex without changing anything. It didn’t work in my opensuse 13.1. I got the notification: fontspec.sty, mistake, line 41, “The fontspec package requires either XeTex or LuaTex to function. It seems it has to do with the new version of opensuse (13.1 is just released). With the older version 12.3 I had no problem writing in greek. I’m trying to find a solution. Thanks Leon!

    • Hi Leon,

      I am not confident with opensuse. However, in my editor ( MikTex I think it was..been a long time since I wrote in LaTex 🙂 ), I remember that I should change something in the left upper corner, from the default option to something else (xeLaTex maybe).

      Sorry, for not being precise, but I am in a different OS at this period. My guess is, that you have to change your default option to XeTex or LuaTex. Google didn’t help me to find where is this option. I guess you should look for it in the toolbar.. I am just guessing, I do not know..

      In my editor, things would look like this
      You can see the pdfLaTex option in the left upper corner. There, I would click on it and a drop down list would appear, containing the “correct” option I should use (in your case XeTex or LuaTex). Then I would recompile and everything would work.

      If I were you, I might consider not to upgrade now to opensuse 13.1, if the problems persist. I have the feeling that opensuse might be not an editor, but I do not know for sure!

      Hope you find the fix,

  4. Hi. I am having problems in using scanf. Im pretty sure this is correct: scanf(“%c”,answer); when im trying to get a one-character input from the user. The problem is, when it is inserted into my code which involves files and structures, the program gets warnings, ive tried &answer but it only scans the character and does not do the rest of the code. Please enlighten me on how to do this. What could be the problem? Thanks!

  5. Hi George,
    I implemented your quick sort in my Filters class as SORT filter and it works fine for the first run but when I run SORT twice the second run is too slow, could you help me to understand if it is a bug in my code or in yours? Thanks.

    FILTERS (SORT 1.4 6.13 20.10 D )
    order by start_date;
    *** SORT CPU=0.0452 sec, 41675 recs, 1 calls, 57165 loops, 981877 compares — FAST!!
    *** VALUES (
    *** 1.4 — LOC (CHAR)
    *** , 6.13 — RESOURCE (CHAR)
    *** , 20.10 — START_DATE (DATE)
    *** , 31.17 — MAX_CAPACITY (DECIMAL)
    *** , 49.17 — MIN_CAPACITY (DECIMAL)
    *** , 67.8 — PGM_ID (CHAR)
    *** , 76.26 — LAST_UPDATE (TIMESTAMP)
    *** , 103.10 — END_DATE (DATE WITH NULL)
    *** );
    *** Successful WRITE of 41675 record(s), RECFM=FB, LRECL=112
    *** CPU time = 0.1298 seconds, TOTAL time = 0 seconds

    |SORT 1.4 6.13 20.10 D
    *** SORT CPU=34.1175 sec, 41675 recs, 1 calls, 83349 loops, 868381975 compares — !!! SLOW ? why?
    *** Successful READ & WRITE 41675 records, RECFM=FB, LRECL=112
    *** CPU time = 34.2144 seconds, TOTAL time = 1 min 14 sec

    +++ Current TimeStamp = 2015-09-07-
    +++ End of SQLEXE, RC=0
    +++ CPU time = 34.3472 seconds, TOTAL time = 1 min 14 sec

    • Hi Vladimir. Performance has to do with the order of the input. Notice that my implementation is for demonstrative purposes only, it is not much efficient. So, if you are looking for a fast implementation of quicksort(), you should search elsewhere.

      • Thanks George, I tried some implementations from other sites but they do not sort big files correct, your implementation is correct but slow on already sorted files, too many calls of a compare function…
        Looks like I should investigate how to use std::sort() of C++…

  6. *I Want to read a set of data contains in a file which are in different types ( int, double and string types) string type data contain more than one word ,

    file type is txt file

    It contains files in following pattern bookid (intiger) book category (string) book name ( string) book price ( double) each data is in seperate lines and no label is there as I types only values and names are there

    how to read them and print? please help me to fix this issues*

  7. On stackoverflow you made a reference to your isPrime.c program.

    Here is a somewhat shorter version:


    int isPrime (const int);

    int main(void)
    int i;
    for (i = -1 ; i <= 15 ; ++i)
    printf("%d is %sprime\n", i, isPrime(i) ? "" : "NOT ");
    return 0;

    int isPrime (const int number)
    int i, prime = 1;

    if ( number <= 1 )
    prime = 0;

    for ( i = 2; (i <= number / i) && prime ; i += ( i == 2 ) ? 1 : 2 )
    if ( number % i == 0 )
    prime = 0;

    return prime;

    This must have been one of your first programming efforts. You should, of course, also use booleans for prime and also for the value returned by the isPrime function.

    • ringzero, thank you, would you be so kind to post it here instead, since at this section, nobody will see it.

      And yes, you are right! This was hw in ip back in 2010! 🙂

  8. In case of integers it seems correct that they are numbers so they will ignore the white space characters but what about strings.
    Strings should read white space characters .
    Like in one example if we try this
    here after reading the string as soon as we press enter it gets terminate and enter will be read as a character
    but if reverse the order of reading like,
    this works fine, my doubt is string should also read first character as enter???

    • Hmm I am not really sure about the question discussed here. For that reason I strongly suggest you to post your question to Stackoverflow, and if you wish, you can share the link.

  9. Hi George,
    It is a very good post.
    I am also getting the similar error, but my scenario is little different. I have number of parquet files and I would like to create a single csv out of those. So I can’t use the partitioning approach.

    During this, I am getting the error:
    Caused by: org.apache.spark.SparkException: Job aborted due to stage failure: Task 172 in stage 400.0 failed 4 times, most recent failure: Lost task 172.3 in stage 400.0 (TID 105436,, executor 10): ExecutorLostFailure (executor 10 exited caused by one of the running tasks) Reason: Container killed by YARN for exceeding memory limits. 5.5 GB of 5.5 GB physical memory used. Consider boosting spark.yarn.executor.memoryOverhead.

    Could you please advise.

    • I would advice you to post in Stackoverlow, since here it’s not the place to debug this! I guess you have seen my relevant posts here too, so other than that, I don’t have any advice, good luck!

  10. Hi Mr,I am a beginner C programmer and I need help please,I have a structure Car include many members(number,color ,type…)I need to add cars to a file sorted in ascending according to the car number so for example If I need to add car number 3 it must be added in the 3 blank how to do that in C how to make the file sorted according to the cars’ numbers
    please help me

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