Music for coding


  1. Four Seasons – Vivaldi || Antonio Vivaldi – I Solisti Veneti
  2. Yanni – If I Could Tell you
  3. Moby – Wait For Me
  4. Vangelis – Oceanic (Full Album)
  5. Vangelis ( the most 30 beautiful songs – compilation )
  6. Robert Rich – Somnium (7h Complete Masterpiece)
  7. Εντεχνο – Συλλογή – Βραδινό ταξίδι
  8. Enigmatic Chill-Out Lounge Session
  9. ‘Ethereal Dreams’ – Chill Mix
  10. Ioannidis-Malamas-Alexiou live
  11. Έντεχνα… μοναδικά… Σαν συναυλία 2
  13. This Tale of Ours: Part One
  14. SCHILLER – Special edition mix HQ\HD 1080p
  15. Cafe del Mar / Сafe del Cosmic🙂 HD1080p
  16. Wonderfull Chill Out Music Love Session Extended Version

If you have some music that you like to here when doing your projects, please share!😀

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