Proper position in front of the computer

As said by Steve Moreno to me, when I was in Yahoo!, Note: I only have this here so that I can remember it:

If you haven’t already done so, I’d encourage to visit our website for such inquiries.

To answer your questions – The ideal desk height is anywhere from the same height as your elbow to 2″ below you elbow, depending on whether you’re sitting or standing. Please refer to the link above. We recommend alternating between sitting and standing rather than spending prolonged periods of time in either position. The frequency is determined by how your body responds to standing. On the aggressive side you may choose hourly intervals, some people opt to stand on a few times each day, just to provide a short break from sitting. If you start by standing for about 10 minutes per session on week 1, you can progress to 15 minutes during week 2 or 3. Gradually extend the time in standing as your body is able to tolerate. Any given standing bout should not exceed 60 minutes. Prolonged standing has its own set of hazards, such as shin splints, low back irritation, varicose veins and exacerbation of cardiac and circulatory conditions. Hope this helps.

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