About me

Updated here: 2018 About me Page

SamPic I was born in Athens, Greece in 15/05/1992. I study Informatics & Telecommunications in the University of Athens ( DIT ).

Now I am studying in Lugano, Switzerland, in Università della Svizzera italiana ( USI ), as an Erasmus student. Also a footballer and president of the students. In all sectors, I have received many awards.

For more info see my CV or contact me.

My university is in top 100 in computer science and the 1st in Greece!

Page created by G. (George) Samaras (DIT)


8 thoughts on “About me

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  2. Not a programmer but a user of linux for about 17 years now as a daily operating system … Not so sure why you would ever thing it is a programmer’s O.S. only….

  3. sir i m a graduate student final year computer science from india.
    i know only core subjects,dbms,c,java,C++etc
    can you suggest some oppurtunities to be a successfull computer student.

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