ERASMUS at N. Ireland!

We went from DIT to the university of Ulster ( Ulster ).

Scientific supervisor is Mrs. I.Karali .


Students here almost always pick three modules. Each of them has about 5 hour lessons per week, combining lectures and labs. You can see every module here. Check the semester you are interested in, semester 1 or 2!

DON’T forget to select

  • Your Academic Year
  • Campus: Coleraine
  • Faculty of Computing and Engineering
  • Topic: Computing

Every module has a code. This code consist of three letters and three numbers, for example COM123. The letters are a shortcut of the faculty name, hence we are interested in “COM” modules. The first number has to do with the level. We are suggested to pick 5 or 6 level modules. Lower levels are pretty easy to be passed but you don’t earn experience from something new. Postgraduate courses have level 7 or 8 and require more effort, but we can still select them.

Moreover, it is very important to find which lessons are corresponded with lessons in our Uni. It’s pointless to pass a lesson if you cannot connect it when you come back to Greece. Some professors are very positive with Erasmus and quite willing to find commons between lessons. You have to arrange a meeting with Mrs. Karali. She can give you a lot of information and suggestions. Apart from that, you can meet other professors to find out whether he accepts the lesson connection.

Winter Semester
  1. Τεχνολογίες Εφαρμογών ΔιαδικτύουCOM506 XML & Advanced Web Programming
  2. Αλγοριθμική Επιχειρησιακή ΈρευναCOM551 Operational Research Methods
  3. Γραφικά I / Τεχνητή ΝοημοσύνηCOM569 Console Game Development (Maybe)
Spring Semester
  1. Λογικός ΠρογραμματισμόςCOM524 Intelligent Systems
    (Match found difficulty and now with the same grade! Better not take this one.)
  2. Γραφικά 2COM525 3D Games Technologies
    (must have succeeded in Graphics I)
  3. Ειδικά Θέματα Υπολογιστικών Συστημάτων και ΕφαρμογώνCOM572 Advanced Databases
  4. Δίκτυα Επικοινωνιών IICOM548 Advanced Computer Networks

Sometimes, some of the lessons from their website are not available or lectures are overlapped, not like DIT! So, apart from your last choice, it would be good to have some alternative options.


There are a lot of choices about the student accommodation, offered from the Uni or not, on and off campus.

University Accommodation

Student accommodation is separated in many smaller villages. The price is different in each of them with an average 70£ per week. More details can be found here.

On Campus

If you live on campus, you will be close to the university and, of course, most of the house parties! 😉 On the other hand, houses are smaller. Price is higher! There are some free buses for/from Tesco in Coleraine, the biggest supermarket here.

The villages here are Cranagh, Errigal/Knocklayde and Maple Lodge. Maple Lodge is officially an off campus accommodation but it is really a few meters far from Uni and, thus, I put it here. I have been in all of them and houses in Cranagh are the biggest. Each room has its own bathroom. Only the kitchen is shared. Although it is the most expensive option. The first semester of 2012-2013 people living there had a problem with wifi, very important for us! They were able to connect using an Ethernet cable. Moreover, internet speed was quite bad.

Off Campus

The options here are Agherton and Cromore/Atlantic. They are the cheapest options. I lived in Agherton Village. It is really the best! Houses here are the biggest of the Uni’s accommodation, despite the fact that we lived only three students here! Big bedrooms, large living room and kitchen. We share the bathroom and the kitchen, but I never had any problem with my roommates. There is a bus from here to the Uni. Tesco is only a few meters far, great advantage!

Private Accomodation

There are a lot of houses for students in Portstewart and Portrush. There is a site to find available houses. The cost is lower and the house bigger. They are about 6 and 7 km far from Uni, respectively. There are buses from both of them and train from Portrush, which is cheaper!


Our scholarship is 602€ per month! Remember that months are calculated rounded down. I stayed here for 4 months and a week and received price for 4 months.


There is no direct flight from Athens. One way to fly to NI is through London.

  • Fly from Athens to London
  • Fly from London to Belfast (Or arrive to Belfast somehow!)
  • Take the bus/train to Coleraine
  • Take the 140 bus to the Uni (140A for Agherton, Portstewart OR take the train if you live in Portrush)
  • Get your key from the residential assistants in your village (After confirmation from Athens)

Means of transportation in NI are quite expensive, especially for short distances. However, there is a card named YLink which offers you 1/3 off the price for buses, metro and trains all over NI. Students don’t have a discount without this card, like in Greece. It costs 8£ and you can use it as long as you are under 24. I would suggest you get this card even if you don’t live off-campus. More info about it in their website.


There are always clouds in the sky……! You have to get used to! Rain can start from nowhere! I have been in NI in the winter semester and the temperature was always almost the same. No more than 14 and no less than 0 with an average of 8 degrees Celsius. And if you believe that you will see some snow, think again. NO SNOW!


Don’t forget, you go to UK. Everything is strange here! Thus, you will need a Euro to UK Power Adapter. It cost only a couple of pounds. You can buy it inside the Uni, in Student Union. I suggest you bring one, otherwise you won’t have electricity for your devices!


Think twice before asking something. Search thoroughly this page and the blog at Spring Sem. section for info. Think about how many clone questions the following people have received. If everybody was a little more careful, I would provide for every person bellow the email. The purpose of this page and the other blog is to minimize the emails people are receiving for trivial questions. On the other hand, I do not imply that nobody should ask. We should make use of the moderate number of emails to be send. Πάν μέτρον άριστον!


  • Niki Perdikaki
  • Dimos Vasilikakis

Supervisors ( in Greece )

  • Izambo Karali
  • Aphrodite Tsalgatidou
  • A. Kalamaki

Supervisor ( in UK )

  • Sally McClean


A big thank you from me, G.Samaras to Niki Perdikaki and to Dimos Vasilikakis for the precious info you just read. I suppose you thank them too, because this page is created only because they were willing to help ;).


Page created by G. (George) Samaras (DIT)


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