NEW!  Erasmus announced for DIT here.

On the winter semester of 2012, I , G. Samaras was transferred from DIT, Athens to USI, Switzerland, via Erasmus program. There is no doubt, that this was a lifetime and unique experience, that I suggest everybody that has the privilege, to go for it!

Despite the fact that I have traveled in many countries before, Erasmus gave me the opportunity to meet people from other countries as a student, and not as tourist. I made friends from other countries, without of course forgetting the ones at home ;), I saw how other cultures interpret situations and life moments. Most of the things in life are relevant and some nations see things different from other nations. However, the more strong globalization becomes, the less obvious these differences become! And I saw how people from other countries deal with their every day life, with their work, their projects, the parties, the football (played with some very good players and with Italian defenders!) and everything else you can imagine. At this point, I would like to state, that, objectively, Greek people are in the top clean nations, based on the way they treat their homes.

From a technical aspect, I had the unique-in my mind- opportunity, to program a robot, to learn web technologies that have not yet been introduced in Greece (!), (see also this post). Moreover, I was introduced and used the powerful CGAL library in the course of Algorithms. I saw in which programming paradigm the foreign programmers are strong and in which they are weak. Also, I realized how much Greek words and symbols are used in science! Finally, I get used to speak with English terms, something that I would say, is essential for someone who studies informatics and telecommunications.

You also learn to adopt in new situations and leave away from home. However, the best part is for sure the one that I have not yet leave. The return at home after many months!! As one guy from Κλουβί stated, this is going to be a celebration!

We have created some pages, in which we wrote our experience from Erasmus.


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