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    Cage Cup 2015

Cage Cup Final

Season 205-16, last one in the 6 years of the Cage
Final: Panklouviakos vs Ouza & Zabon (17 – 13, MVP: Theodosis Tzanetakis)
Semifinal 2: Real Klarin vs Ouza & Zabon
Semifinal 1: Panklouviakos vs ui4128
Real Klarin vs Ouza & Zabon
Panklouviakos vs Real Klarin
Ouza&Zabon vs RAKoun
Panklouviakos vs Genia 98
Panklouviakos vs ui4128
RAKoun vs Real Klarin
Ouza&Zabon vs Panklouviakos
ui4128 vs Real Klarin
Ouza & Zabon VS Yenia tou 98
Panklouviakos VS RAKoun

A top scorer trophy may be given.

Uni league

The semi-final of the Uni league 2014-15 is a Cage case! In particular, Real Klarin (95ers+96ers) and Huns (Ούνοι) (94ers) are going to play against each other at 20/5/2015. There are rumors that the match is going to take place at the Cage Arena, something that key members of Κλουβί deny, since the final of the league is going to take place just after the semi-finals (something bad according to the Cage officials), somewhere in Athens, which will make it difficult for the Cage players to move from the one pitch to the other.

The Cage is proud for all the players that made it to the semi-final and would like to thank them for playing in parallel in the Cage matches too, despite their busy schedule. Key players are going to be Fiorel and Dinas, who are experienced in such situations. It is not by chance that the players of Real Klarin were agonized for Fiorel’s participation, as the following conversation reveals:

Real Klarin’s group post

The agony for Fiorel is justified, since he has one of the key players in the conquest of the Coca-Cola cup, from the Cage 95ers, despite the fact he did not participate in the final. Notice that these 95ers were different from the ones of the Uni league. In particular, the Coca-Cola’s cup players were: Kostas, Laganas, Daoutis, Kirillos, Kalaremas, Kiousis and Moustakis.

Below, Cage proudly presents the players that are going to compete in the “El Glyfadiko”, as Spiropoulos suggested! The Huns – traditionally – quarreled with technology, did not provide a winning selfie like Real Klarin’s, but the Cage site managed to acquire some photographic material. Real Klarin represents ΦΠΨ and the Huns the Historical department.

The Cage players of the Huns, Dimitriadis, Mavrelis, Dinas, Sotiropoulos, Karavousanos and Polizos (not shown)
Real Klarin’s team, top-down approach: Fiorel, Spiropoulos, Tom (non-player), Oikonomopoulos, Skopelitis, Pappas, Bill and Apostolopoulos+Skrekis (not shown)


Real Klarin finished 3rd (the absence of Fiorel was critical) and the Huns finished in the 2nd place. Both teams made Klouvi proud and qualified to the top teams of Greece. Important moment was when Real Klarin cheered for the Huns, despite their defeat in the semi-final from them. We traveled very far from the Cage arena in order to play the semi-final ( which was at the very same day with the final (!) ). We went somewhere near Metamorfosi (and further), at the Paradise Park. We had fun, despite the long trip. Here you can find the video from the kick-off of the semi-final. The memorable photograph of the Cage players lies here.

The semi-final of the League (not the Cup, where the Cage players were playing), where two very good teams played against each other. The “Skakistes”, with the Albanian Chori Domínguez were defeated in the overtime from the players dressed in white (very good match). Also notice the babies playing around in the break. Moreover the untamed women of the White ones are a thing to remember, with Chori forcing himself to shout to them to stop, when the score was against his team.

Season 2014/15

New season starts at 1st of September. The winner of the new season will receive the Cage Trophy (which be bought by this(video) campaign). The season 2013/14 will end at 31/8 and the results will be published here.

Transfers are pretty much stable for Klouvi. However, Theodosis is on a loan to the local team of Glyfada. This is a big loss for Klouvi and especially for me, Samaras, since I am the only one left from the team of the 92ers!

On Friday 19/9, the Cage was challenged to prove it’s power by a team ( people of 5th school 😛 -not Marios, Kotrozos, etc. -), without any notice. Both teams had a roster of 10 players. Cage team was in front with a score of 4-1, but the attackers managed to get in front with 4-5, making the game a living hell.

Eventually, Cage was -once more- the winner, with 8-6! The final goal was very beautiful, with quick passes (one touch ones) and Dimitriadis passing the ball to Samaras, who made a powerful shot and gave the victory and the domination of the Cage to the people that deserve it!

The players for Cage were: Samaras, Karavousanos, Dimitriadis, Mavrelis and his brother, Yiannaras, Philiopoulos, Apostolopoulos, Mariglis, Kwstas and Nestoras (non-Cage player). Kokkoris and Kastanias were also in the scheduler, but they got frustrated by the stormers and left the Cage (!), in order to attend the concert of Lady Gaga(!). Of course, they were punished with a 2-month exclusion from the Cage and nullifying in the Cage results. The rest of the players took as a prim the winning points, plus the match-celebration that followed up Cage’s triumph. A very important victory for the Cage!

Finally, the last day of the season arrived (i.e. 31 August), with 12 matches played in the row (+1 in the beginning of the new season tomorrow). This season was great and 136 matches were played (which is a very good number). For sure it’s more than the number of matches played on previous season, since the atomic statistics are greater than last season (for example I(Samaras) have 94 matches, despite my 2 months injury and the trip in Paris, while last season I had 72).

There were many great transfers this year, such as the cases Leonidas Oikonomopoulos and Fanis LAthouras, which also brought a new generation to the Cage (which is essential for keeping the Cage alive). However, since they were not in the were not playing from 1 September, they are not included in the results. Below, I will post screenshots from the results app, since the results are going to reset themselves, from the beginning of the new season.


I didn’t buy a trophy, because I was in the first place. I hope that all players enjoyed this season and they will enjoy the next one too! Thank you guys! 🙂

Season 2013/14

The season started recording its results from Christmas of 2013. Notice that 1st place differs from 2nd by only a point. So does 3rd, 4th and 5th, which states how much competitive the Cage league is!

The Cage management would like to say a big thank you to all the 61 players of the scheduler, as well as the non-Cage players, who came from many areas of Athens to play in the Cage!

Name Points Wins Loss Goals_for Goals_against Matches
Philiopoulos 40 32 24 916 859 56
Samaras 39 37 35 1128 1143 72
Theodosis 32 24 16 649 608 40
Karavousanos 31 29 27 895 876 56
Dimitriadis 30 27 24 837 817 51
Mavrelis 26 26 26 810 808 52
Tsafos 23 16 9 411 362 25
Borboudakis 22 18 14 499 491 32
Stathopoulos 20 19 18 558 569 37
Kwstas 19 17 15 507 504 32
Vergis 18 18 18 570 550 36
Dinas 13 9 5 241 229 14
Yiannaras 13 8 3 203 185 11
Manthos 11 12 13 404 420 25
Chalkias 10 8 6 223 206 14
Pavlos 9 6 3 119 111 9
Skouteris 9 5 1 118 104 6
Alex 7 7 7 225 222 14
Vasiliadis 7 4 1 81 72 5
Stathogiannakis 7 8 9 252 244 17
Protogiros 6 4 2 91 67 6
Avranas 5 4 3 110 101 7
N_Skouteris 4 2 0 40 30 2
Kalnte 4 2 0 40 27 2
T_Tsafos 3 2 1 44 41 3
Chandakas 3 2 1 53 49 3
Fiorel 3 9 15 337 394 24
Tsaki 3 5 7 191 200 12
T_Samaras 3 3 3 96 95 6

2 points: Johny, Sp_Spiropoulos, Flegkas and Sotiropoulos.
1 point: Kalaremas, Kostarikis, Serkedakis, Chrisikos and Daniel
0 point: Daoutis, Tsilikas, Moustakis, Kokkoris, Filippou, Spiropoulos, Panagiotidis, Yiannis, Bill, Kastanias, Kiousis, Gotsis, Gouletas and Argiropoulos.


Τι άλλο θα δούμε στο Κλουβί πια? Κάθε κλουβίσιος ξέρει πως στο Κλουβί ζούμε μοναδικές και έντονες εμπειρίες, αλλά μια τέτοια επίδειξη αθλητικού χουλιγκανισμού, δεν περίμενε κανένας αν ζήσει στο ειρηνικό Κλουβί! Τι έγινε λοιπόν;

Τρίτη 4/2/14, κλουβομάτς (σε αυτό το σημείο αποφασίζω να σταματήσω να βάζω τόνους, γιατί δεν με βολευέι) στις 8.30, εναρξη στις 9 κλασσικα (με βεργη να αργει 20λεπτο και φιλλιοπουλο να τον παιρνει ο υπνος – με τις κοτες κοιμαται αυτο το παιδι μαλλον..). Ολα ομως εμοιζαν κανονικα. Στη κερκιδα καποιοι φιλαθλοι τν 94αρηδων. Το παιχνιδι ξεκινησε, ομορφο ποδοσφαιρο..

Καποια στιγμη, κοντα στις 11 παρα, ακουγεται μια mini-εκρηξη, πισω ακριβως απο τα γκολποστ του Σαμαρα και επειτα μια τρομερη λαμψη εφτασε στα ματια των εντρομων (βεβαιως βεβαιως) κλουβισιων παιχτων (οι φιλαθλοι ειχαν αποχωρησει, μιας και το παιχνιδι ηταν αργα (η επειδη βλεπανε το Σαμαρα να δοκιμαζει γυριστο απο σεντρα και ψαλιδακι απο πλαγιο). Η “βοβμα” οπως ειπε ο Φιλιοπουλος εσκασε τοσο κοντα στο Σαμαρα που βουιζε για πολυ ωρα η ακοη του! Η ισχυς δε, ηταν τοσο μεγαλη, ωστε να κανει αρκετους γυρω συναγερμους να been triggered. Το παιχνιδι φυσικα διακοπηκε εκεινη τη στιγμη και οι κλουβισιοι αρχισαν να αναρωτιουνται τι συμβαινει. Ο Σαμαρα φωναζε, χωρις να υπαρχει κανεις εξω απο το κλουβι ομως βρισιες, προς τυχαιες κατευθυνσεις. Μετα…

ακουστηκε απο τα ηχεια το κλασσικο: “Φιλαθλοι σταματηστε, κανετε κακο στην ομαδα μας ετσι..”, αλλα οι φιλαθλοι ειχαν φυγει.ο Σαμαρας παρατηρησε πως ενα αμαξι κοντοσταθηκε μετα την εκρηξη λιγο πιο πανω (για να δει λογικα την εκρηξη). Καποιοι αλλοι συμφωνησαν. Γρηγηορα κινηθηκαν οι παιχτες απο την αλλη πλευρα (προς το βουνο), οπου ενα αμαξι κοντοζυγωνε και μολις αντικρυσε τους κλουβισιους παιχτες ενωμενους σαν μια γροθια, αρχισαν να κανουν οπισθεν… Οι κλουβισιοι κινηθηκαν, αλλα το αμαξι γκαζωσε και εφυγε. Μετα προσπαθησαμε να συνεχισουμε το παιχνιδι, αλλα πριν καν ξεκινησουμε,…

ο Σαμαρας παλι ειδε πισω απο τα γκολποστ του (ηταν σε θεση που μπορουσε να δει στην Αγ. Νεκταριου προς τα πανω), ενα αμαξι να κρυβεται πισω απο ενα σχολικο και ξαφνικα να χαμηλωνει τα φωτα του..Αμεσως προειδοποιησε τους υπολοιπους κλουβισιους και παραλληλα αρχισε να φωναζει στο αμαξι. Οταν οι επιβατες του, καταλαβαν οτι εγιναν αντιληπτοι (δεν πρεπει να ηταν και τα πιο εξυπνα παιδια του τοπου), εριξαν μια γουρουνα και εκαναν να φυγουν..

ηταν μια κοινη γουρουνα ομως που δεν ηταν πολυ λιγοτερο ισχυρη απο τη “βοβμα”. Το αμαξι, ηταν ενα σκουροχρωμο, μπλε σκουρο ισως, Renault Megane Cabrio, με πινακιδα ZZY…Το οχημα μετα γκαζωσε και με μια κακη κολια, μπηκε στη Γεννηματα και εφυγε..Επειτα, κατοικοι της περιοχης ηρθαν να δουνε τι συμβαινει. Τα γεγονοτα χουλιγκανισμου τελειωνουν εκει. Το οχημα ταυτοποιηθηκε σχεδον πληρως, επειται απο διαβουλευσεις.

Ποιοι ηταν αυτοι οι αγνωστοι λοιπον? Καποια μη κλουβισια ομαδα, που ειχε κλου-βιαστει απο εμας? Δεν ειναι και λιγες. Ατομα βαλμενα απο ιδιοκτητες 5×5, επειδη στερουνται πελατειας, μιας και το κλουβι χαριζει δωρεαν τη αγνη χαρα του ποδοσφαιρου? Η απαντηση βρισκεται στο οτι οι φιλαθλοι ειχαν φυγει και ειχαν παει σε κοντινη πλατεια, οπου εκει, μεσα στη κουβεντα ανεφεραν οτι ειχαν παει κερκιδα στο κλουβοματς που ηταν ακομα σε εξελιξη.

Η διοικηση του κλουβιου ειναι πεπεισμενη, πως προκειται για ατομα απο αυτη τη πλατεια – ονοματα δεν λεμε – που δεν ειχαν τι να κανουν, που ηθελαν να “σπασουν πλακα” (ποσο ηλιθια μπορει να ‘ναι καποια ατομα…), τα οποια οπως δεν ηταν φιλοι με τους φιλαθλους, αλλα γνωστοι. Ομως, αν και μετα γελασαν πολυ οι κλουβισιοι με ολα αυτα, τα πραγματα δεν ηταν τοσο αθωα, μιας και αυτο που πεταξανε στην αρχη, ανετα τραυματιζε ανθρωπο (αν επεφτε 2 μετρα πιο κοντα στο πορτιερο της μιας ομαδας, τον Σαμαρα, τοτε ο Σαμαρας δεν νομιζω να μπορουσε να παιξει στο Κλουβι για αρκετο καιρο). Σιγουρα, δεν ειχαν προθεση να τραυματισουν καποιον, αλλα αν καποιος ειχε βγει εξω να πιασει τη μπαλα τοτε? Μεσα στα σκοταδια και επειδη τρεχουν οι παιχτες για να πιασουν τη μπαλα, η κακια στιγμη δεν θα ηταν αδυνατο να συμβει! Η Διοικηση του Κλουβιου δεν τα ξεχνα αυτα!

We are Klouvi, we do not forget!

Το παθος ομως για παιχνιδι, δεν καμφθηκε και το παιχνιδι που εβαινε στα τελευταια του, συνεχιστηκε. Για την ιστορια, η ομαδα με τους Φιλιοπουλο, Κωστα, Βεργη, Σαμαρα και Αργυροπουλο, νικησε 21 – 19, την ομαδα των Δημητριαδη, Καραβουσανο, Θ. Σαμαρα, Μαυρελη και Γ. Μαυρελη. Αξιζει να σημειωθει, πως οι νικητες προηγουνταν στη μεγαλυτερη διαρκεια του ματς και στο 16 – 12, εγινε η ανατροπη με το σκορ να γινεται 16 – 18. Τοτε εγιναν οι χουλιγκανισμα, που εκοψαν το ρυθμο των 94αρηδων, οι οποιοι μετα δεν μπορεσαν να αντιμετωπισουν το καλο συστημα των νικητων και την κουραση.

 NEW!   app! Calculate the statistics!
Γιατι το κλουβι ειναι ΙΔΕΑ..!


From 1/12/2013, results will be collected in a different way. The old one had the problem that the teams were mixed (with players of different generations), thus producing non representative results. As a result, the IT team of KLOUVI came up with a new idea. From now on, the results will be displayed in the link below. The goals mentioned are team, not individual ones. Table is sorted by number of wins. Due to a conflict with UEFA officials, the app for calculating statistics will not be available.



  1. 22 – 21 |92+93 vs 92+94|
  2. 20 – 16 |92+93 vs 92+95|
  3. 15 – 12 |92+93 vs 94|
  4. 15 – 10 |92+93 vs 94|
  5. 15 – 11 |94+92 vs 92+93|
  6. 20 – 15 |95 vs 92+93|
  7. 16 – 10 |92+93 vs 94|


  1. 20 – 14 |92+93 vs nonCage|
  2. 20 – 13 |95 vs 93+92|
  3. 16 – 15 |94+92 vs 92+93+95|
  4. 10 – 7 |92+94+95 vs nonCage|
  5. 16 – 5 |92+94+95 vs nonCage|
  6. 20 – 16 |92+95 vs 94|
  7. 20 – 14 |92 vs 95|
  8. 18 – 10 |92+95 vs nonCage|
  9. 20 – 14 |92+93+95 vs 92+94|
  10. 15 – 3 |93 vs 94|
  11. 15 – 13 |93+92 vs 94+95|
  12. 20 – 15 |92+94+95+nonCage vs 94|
  13. 20 – 17 |nonCage+93+92 vs 95|
  14. 10 – 10 |94+93+92 vs nonCage|


  1. 20 – 18 |92+93 vs 94|
  2. 21 – 20 |94 vs 92+95
  3. 20 – 9 |95 vs 92+93+94|
  4. 20 – 17 |94 vs 92+94+95|
  5. 20 – 10 |92+95 vs 93+94|
  6. 20 – 8 |94+93 vs 92+95|
  7. 20 – 8 |92+95 vs 94|
  8. 20 – 11 |92 vs 93+95|
  9. 18 – 11 |93 vs 92+94|
  10. 20 – 19 |94 vs 94+92|
  11. 17 – 13 |92+93 vs 95|
  12. 20 – 18 |95+93 vs 92|


  1. 15 – 10 |94+92 vs 95+92|
  2. 15 – 11 |93 vs 92+94|
  3. 20 – 12 |94+93 vs 94|
  4. 17 – 16 |92+93+94+95 vs 95|
  5. 20 – 13 |95+92 vs 92+94|
  6. 20 – 13 |94+93+92 vs nonCage|
  7. 20 – 18 |94+92 vs 94+93|
  8. 20 – 11 |95+92+94 vs 93|
  9. 20 – 11 |93+92+94 vs 94|
  10. 20 – 19 |93+95 vs 92+94|
  11. 20 – 14 |92+95 vs 92+93+94|
  12. 25 – 9 |92+94 vs 94|


  1. 20 – 12 |92+94 vs 95|
  2. 22 – 20 |94 vs 92+93+95|
  3. 20 – 18 |92+95+93 vs 94+93|
  4. 25 – 24 |nonCage vs 92+94+95|
  5. 15 – 12 |92+95 vs 92+94|
  6. 20 – 18 |94 vs 92+93|
  7. 18 – 11 |93 vs 94+93|
  8. 20 – 13 |94 vs 92+93|
  9. 20 – 13 |92+93+94 vs nonCage|
  10. 15 – 11 |92+93+94+95 vs 94|
  11. 15 – 11 |92+94 vs 93|
  12. 14 – 11 |92+93 vs 94|
  13. 15 – 7 |92+93 vs nonCage|
  14. 17 – 12 |92+93 vs 94|
  15. 20 – 17 |92+93+94 vs 95|


  1. 15 – 8 |92 vs 93+94|
  2. 10 – 8 |92+95 vs 93+94|
  3. 13 – 12 |93 vs 93+92|
  4. 16 – 14 |95 vs 93+92+94|
  5. 21 – 19 |92+94 vs 93|
  6. 17 – 12 |92+93 vs 94|
  7. 20 – 17 |93+94 vs 92+94+95|
  8. 22 – 20 |92+94 vs 95|
  9. 15 – 13 |92+94+95 vs 93|
  10. 15 – 13 |92+93 vs 95|
  11. 20 – 15 |94+93 vs 92+95|
  12. 12 – 9 |93 vs 94|
  13. 17 – 12 |93 vs nonCage|
  14. 15 – 11 |92+95 vs 94+93|
  15. 16 – 15 |92+93 vs 95|
  16. 10 – 7 |94 vs 94+93+92+95|


    1. 20 – 18 |94+93 vs 94+93|
    2. 15 – 13 |92+93 vs 94|
    3. 15 – 12 |92+93+95 vs 93|
    4. 20 – 8 |94 vs 92+93|
    5. 16 – 15 |93 vs 92+94|
    6. 22 – 19 |92+94+95 vs 93|
    7. 20 – 18 |92+93+94+95 vs 93+94|

Cage Tournament between 92,93 and 94 with winners the team of Dimitriadis (94). Also congratulations to the team of 95, for reaching top 4 nationally in whole Greece. We wish the best for them for the final phase.

    1. 20 – 17 |92+93+94 vs 95|

Cage people wish all the best for the coca cola’s cup next round to the team of the 95.

Cage Tournament between members of all the teams, with winners the team of Samaras (93+92)


    1. 20 – 16 |95 vs 95|
    2. 10 – 5 |94 vs 94|
    3. 25 – 17 |94 vs 92+93+94|
    4. 17 – 12 |94+95 vs 92+93|
    5. 20 – 15 |92+93 vs 95|
    6. 15 – 13 |94 vs 92+93|

Tonight at nine, derby between 92+93 and 94. Last derby won by 94’s. New formation by the team of Samaras. Before taking a look at the pre-game statements made by some players, let’s see the final formations, as presented below:

      1. Lukas Filippou: samara n s ferw vaseline aurio?
      2. George Samaras: αυριο θα χει μπαλαρα² σιγουρακι.. λουκα θα τα πουμε στο γηπεδο εμεις ;p
      3. Lukas Filippou: kane niaou! an s nikhsw n ksereis oti 9a uparxoun sunepeies
      4. Panagiotis Karras Dimitriadis: μετα απο αυτη τη δηλωση του λουκα μη περιμενετε πασες
      5. Nikos Sot: ξέχασες να βάλεις και τον τύπο που αντί να αλλάξει παιχνίδι αλλάζει το πόδι που κρατάει την μπάλα
    1. 20 – 18 |94 vs 92+93+91|
    2. 20 – 17 |92+93 vs 95|
    3. 20 – 17 |93+91 vs 92+94+91|

New arrival in Κλουβί’s roster: Dimitris Polikretis (91)

    1. 20 – 15 |92+94 vs 93+94|
    2. 17 – 15 |nonCage vs 92+92+94|

(Chandakas) (half of the game played with player less for the home team. Excellent free kick by G. Samaras)

    1. 20 – 14 |94 vs 94| (2/4)

A special match for all the Cage players. After the match, eveyrone, winners and not winners, sat together, enjoying some fine beer (that was stored into refrigirator, during the match) and souvlakia, from a well-known souvlatzidiko of Glyfada (that sponsors the Κλουβί). Idea goes to Lukkas Filippou and he deserves a bravo -he was also very good in the match too. Once again, Κλουβίσιοι players, prooved that every match there is a party, a celebration! The point is to enjoy football and life and that is exactly what is happening there. Thanks everyone for this great² achievement!

First match of the month in Κλουβί and players were really excited. 9 from 10 players were forom 94’s, where only one 92’s player was there, that was G. Samaras. A match that flowed intensively until 7-7. Then team of Stathopoulos took over.

Κλουβί, 2/4/2013. Souvlakia and beers. Standing: Filippou, T. Samaras, Dinas, G. Samaras, Dimitriadis and Borboudakis. Down: Vergis, Stathopoulos, Sotiropoulos and Chrysikos.


  • 9-9 |92+93 vs Stathogiannakis| (31/3) (A match that was terminated after the severe injury of Philiopoulos. Hope he is going to be well soon. Κλουβί management has given the player paid leave. President of Cage stated: “Είμαι πολύ ευχαριστημένος από την σημερινή απόδοση της ομάδας. Δυστυχώς το παιχνίδι στιγματίστηκε απο τον τραυματισμό του Φιλιόπουλου.”)
  • 25-19 |92+93+94 vs 95| (30/3) (A win that broke this photo’s meaning)
  • 15-11 |94+92 vs 93| (29/3)
  • 20-18 |92+93 vs 94| (26/3)


I like having some music while reading…

FIFA 98 Soundtrack _The Crystal Method – Keep Hope Alive

Today we had the comeback of Dimitris Stathopoulos. Welcome back Dimitri! Always be good! After 55 days of not playing football at all, Dimitris made his much waited comeback. Moreover, he played with G. Samaras for first time after the September of 2012!! Great moments tonight at the Κλουβί.

About the match now.. The team of Dimitriadis had again one player more (remember his mysterious friends…), in comparison with the team of Samaras. The Κλουβί also had some cultural events, so the match was about to be done in the backup field of Κλουβί, which now has new terrain, in order to help the players enjoy more the game! We want to thank the Municipality of Glyfada for responding in the needs of their local team..! However, after some a meeting with Samaras and the Guard of Κλουβί, the match took place at the main pitch. It is also remarkable, that new players were brought today and they had some skills.

The historical facts say that: “No team was ever win in the Κλουβί, when it has two or more non-Cage players.”. The facts did hold tonight too. Samaras team won with a score of 15-8 the other team which was in lead at the start of the game, but then did not have the experience and the stamina to maintain that. All the people however where worried about St. But, everything went well, the player didn’t feel bad and everybody was happy that St is finally back!!
Here is a statement of Stathopoulos itself, about the comeback!

alla kai anupomonos na piaso tis apodoseis mu
pro xtyphmatos

At this point I would also like to thank Intersport for showing an attitude and fix the boots of the Cage players for free. Finally, I would like to wish Stathopoulos to be at all the next matches in Κλουβί.

Historical win

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World Cup 98 Soundtrack Tubthumping


The team of the 94 surprised the whole world of Κλουβί, my winning 20-17 the mixed team of 92-93. However, the fact that the rivals of the team of 94 remained with one player less, before the teams started warming up leaves many concerns to all the people of Κλουβί. Below, we will examine what happened and why a red card was given! Captain for the team for the team of 94 was Dimitriadis and for the other team G. Samaras. For the team of G. Samaras, Philiopoulos, Vasileiadhs, Tsaki, Theodosis (55′), Thomas Yannis (the player who got suspended!) and G. Samaras. For the winners, Dimitriadis, T. Samaras, Dinas, Sotiropoulos, a guy from assoe ( 😛 ), Karavousanos(78′) and Stratis (70′).


With G. Samaras playing his first matches in Κλουβί, many doubts were born, for whether the player can use to play back in Κλουβί, since he has playing for the swiss league for the past 5 months. There people play futsal and not football. It is a different thing. However, the captain seemed sure about the win of his team tonight… He stated in public, while speaking with Dinas and Stathopoulos (which we all wish to get better soon and see him back in Κλουβί), that:

“αν ειστε ατυχοι και παιξουμε σμρ (δλδ δεν βρεξει), θα ηττηθειτε”

A statement that resulted in many counter statements by the other team.

The red card!

Half an hour before the match, player Thomas Yannis mysteriously send a message to the president of the 93’s, informing he that he won’t come. A shocking and unusual action by the player of the 93’s (Philiopoulos), which had played normally last Sunday, leading his team to victory. Despite the fact of the attempts of Philiopoulos to reach him, he gave no sign… Something that of course brought up many thoughts and concerns at the locker room of the team of Samaras.

That moment something unusual happened. Dimitriadis arrives at Κλουβί, with one female and two male people. All were people, not aliens ( :p ). Was the absence of Yannis connected to these three people? Both happens for first time. The three people introduced their selves us students of NTUA (ΕΜΠ), but did not show any ID’es! Moreover, as far as the match started, with the team of Samaras outnumbered by one, they stayed for a while, but then left. It was like they wanted to check if Yannis were attending the match or not.. Who knows? FIFA investigates what happened. However, history is history and the score is 20-17 for the team of Dimitriadis.

The match

The game started with the team of 94’s having the advantage and attacking again and again the team of Samaras, which was instructed by their coach to hold tight and play smart. However, the team of Dimitriadis performed a full scaled attack and managed to reach a score of 8-2, leaving the rivals in thoughts. Then, Theodosis calls (!!!). Theodosis was unable to come because he is given courses to another student. However, his love for Κλουβί, made him to postpone the course and ask for a place in the team. Vasileiadis said yes. The news were something that made the team of 93+92 boost up! People were coming to the Cage, but all people were fans.. Fans of Dimitriadis team, since team of Samaras is obliged to play with no fans for many matched yet to come.

The team members of Sam’s team thought that this has to be Theodosis, when seeing someone entering the cage, but were disappointed to figure out they were mistaken. Theodosis arrived last -but not least of course! -. He entered the team, while the score was 8-4. Sam’s team made its counter attack, playing nice football and encouraged by the coming of Theodosis managed to lead the way. But. 94’s team did not give in. Not at all! With personal skills and the youth they have, they made the game to go goal by goal. One moment one team was leading the way, the next moment, the other team was ahead! A derby, with the fans cheering and shouting. Lighters were lighten by fans making a wonderful atmosphere in Κλουβί. Inspiration of this came by Kokkoris.

Team of 94 makes its substitutes. Team of 93+92 played with one player less and had to deal with this too. Vasileiadis, which comes from an injury and had informed that he wasn’t ready seemed to have problems, after a kick he received -as a gift probably by a rival-. However, they tried very much. All players were tired, but wanted to win! G. Samaras makes a mistakes at the last minutes, giving the chance to Dimitriadi’s team to score and have the score at 19-17. Then, the ball reaches the foot of Dinas. He is alone and decided to shot. Goal. Ciao ciao team of Samaras! Team of 94 is the winner! Congratulations!


All people enjoyed playing football, which was the point. Of course some were not happy for loosing, but someone must loose 😉 Moreover, this was an opportunity for many nice people to come together and do something they love! Playing football!

Of course, statements followed:

“Δεν μπορώ να μιλήσω για τίποτα άλλο εκτός της ομάδας μου.Διαπράξα ύβρις και επήλθε η νέμεσις. Το μάθημα να γίνει πάθημα. Σκληρή δουλειά για τη συνέχεια.”

G. Samaras

G. Samaras had to protect some players from the Saturday’s match, which its very significant (sold-out by the fans of the team of 95’s). Paulos is one example. Beautiful football is sure to be played tomorrow. The team of 95, won the coca cola cup and is in shape, so it is a very dangerous match for Sam’s team. The captain of 92’s decided to leave Philipoulos out, so that he can get some rest and is about to form his team with him, Theodosis, Paulos, Vasileiadis and Trokas (!). Thomas was given a free day, thus will not be at Κλουβί tomorrow. The match is set for 5 o’clock.

“Σας πελατιάσαμε”


“Συγκινητικές στιγμές!”


“Δυνατό το team μας, αλλα θέλει δουλειά.”


“Πρέπει να βρούμε τα πατήματα μας!”


“Δεν ήμουν έτοιμος.”


Κλουβί’s historyTop

Top 12

The team of the 95’s of Κλουβί qualified first from it’s group and won the next nok-aout match. As a result, the team from Κλουβί is now in the top 12 teams from all over Greece, in the Coca-Cola cup.

The team with the trophy!

From the page of Coca-Cola cup

Η ποδοσφαιρική πανδαισία που έλαβε χώρα στο Kifissos FC έφτασε στο τέλος της! Οι νικητές ανά ηλικιακό γκρουπ είναι οι εξής:14-15:
1. Prof-Essionals
2. Ευ Αγωνίζεσθαι
3. Τα Αουτσάϊντερ

1. Πουθενάδες
2. Winners’ Team
3. Κλεψύδρα FC

1. PTM
2. Μπαμπουίνοι
3. Gunners

Συγχαρητήρια σε όλους και ραντεβού στη Λιβαδειά!

source : Coca-Cola cup

Next round is going to take place on May, at Livadia. All the people from Κλουβί are very proud of the 95’s team and wish them the best! Be aware of the interview one player of the team, Kirilos gave on MTV.

Cage Juve

Lukas Filippou of the team of 94, won a tournament with this team and as a prize they went to Juventus for 4 days. The Cage management wants to congratulate his team and especially him, for his great achievement. We wish him all the best. Personally, I would also to congratulate Sotiris Soulimiotis too. 😀

The Greek flag in Juventus Stadium!
Filippou is on the right corner of the flag.

Κλουβί’s historyTop


Score : 21 (Δημητριάδης) -19

Ο νόμος του κλουβιού μίλησε για ακόμα μια φορά στο μεγάλο παιχνίδι μεταξύ 4ου και 6ου λυκείου.Η ομάδα μας καθοδηγούμενη από τους Θώμα Ντίνα και Θοδωρή Σαμαρά συνεπικουρούμενους από τους Μαυρέλη,Σωτηρόπουλο,Δημητριάδη και Καραβουσάνο κατω από τα δοκάρια ,παρότι βρέθηκε πολλές φορές με την πλάτη στον τοίχο(7-11,13-16,16-18,17-19),με πάθος που θύμισε άλλες εποχές,ανέτρεψε την εις βάρος της κατάσταση και πήρε μια τεράστια νίκη με 21-19,δείχνοντας οτι για να περάσει κάποιος από το κλουβί πρέπει να ματώσει.Συγχαρητήρια στα παιδιά ΑΛΛΑ και στο σύνολο των Σταθόπουλου και Φιλίππου που έπαιξαν καλύτερα ,άξιζαν τη νίκη αλλά δεν κατάφεραν να πορθήσουν το κάστρο μας.
Σχόλιο : Πρώτος αγώνας για το 2013, καλή χρονιά να έχουμε!


Κλουβί’s historyTop
Page created by G. (George) Samaras (DIT)


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  1. Σχολια στο facebook σχετικα με το section Χουλιγκανς:
    Nikos Flegkas i paragka twn isxyrwn prospa8ei na parei ton elegxo tou klouviou me tromokratikes epi8eseis kai alles energeies pou den armozoun ston a8litismo. MIN TOUS AFISETE!!
    Άγγελος Γιαννακούλας Σύσσωμη υποστήριξη από τους Παλαίμαχους του 10ου Δημοτικού Σχολείου. Τέτοιες πράξεις είναι κατακριτέες και απαιτούμε άμεσο λιντσάρισμα των “Εγκληματικών Εγκεφάλων” και των “Εκτελεστικών Οργάνων” αυτής της πράξης
    και όχι μόνο. Πίσσα και πούπουλα, να συσπειρωθεί και η Κ.Ν.Ε με καταλήψεις και απεργίες σε όλα τα γειτονικά-ανταγωνιστικά κέντρα ποδοσφαιρικών αγώνων 5χ5 γιατί όχι και 7χ7.

  2. Σχετικά με το . Πρέπει οι νίκες-ήττες να πάνε +1-1. Να θεσπιστούν κατηγοριες παικτών ανάλογα με την συμμετοχη. p.x. συμμετοχη πάνω από 84%=”KLOUVISIOS” , 70%-83%=…. , 65%-90%=…. Να θεσπιστούν achievements ανάλογα με το ποσα goal έχει πετύχει ο κάθε παίκτης και το πόσες συμμετοχές. Τέλος πρέπει κάθε 5-8 μήνες να διαγράφονται όλα,να δημιουργηθεί το “Κλουβί achievements” στο οποιο θα υπάρχουν πληροφορίες για το ποιοι παίκτες ήταν “KLOUVISIOI” την προηγοούμενη περίοδο,καθώς και τι achievements πέτυχαν οι 5-10 καλύτεροι παίχτες τις προηγούμενες περιόδους.

    • Ωραιες ιδεες κλουβισιε! Ομως τα ατομικα ρεκορ τα απορριπτει η διοικηση του Κλουβιου (μετα απο διαβουλευση φυσικα), μιας και το Κλουβι εχει σαν ιδεα την ομαδικοτητα και οχι την ατομικοτητα.

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