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In Cage, the important thing is to play, not victory!

OSFP vs PAO 2018, 16-20. Panathinaikos’ representative Cage squad makes the 2-2 in overall wins versus its big rival. The match was rescheduled, after heavy rain on 8/7, for two days later. MVP was L_Oikonomopoulos, who performed some outstanding, and most importantly, critical saves.
First match in Voula (next to Aris Voulas pitch), 19/5/2018.
Gkotsis, T_Samaras, Samaras, Theodosis, Philiopoulos
Gouletas, Yiannis, Leuteris, French guy, Padouvas
28 Oct 2017, Εθνική Εορτή, match cancelled by rain.
Moustakis’ vacations are over, Summer 2017.
Samaras joins the army, and his brother joins the Cage after a while. Last match for Samaras, first match of the season to result in a draw. Σε έναν κύκλο, κάθε σημείο είναι ταυτόχρονα και αρχή και τέλος, Ηράκλειτος.
OSFP vs PAO 2017, 20-18. OSFP leads 2-1 in victories, in that annual derby.
Prwtomagia 2017.
Samaras and his team suffer a 20-5 defeat from Vergis, Mavrelis, Dimitriadis, Stathopoulos and Gouletas, which forced with to hang his boots for that Easter! The other boot is upon the basketball.
Pasxa 2017. Efi, Zenia and her friend were there, as well as Fanis who came in as a substitute of Chrisikos who had forgotten the match!
Kathara Deutera 2017 – Samaras, Gouletas, Kardasis, Argiropoulos, Kotsakis, Mavrelis Jr, Kwstas, Fiorel, Moustakis Jr and Gkotsis.
Fiorel writes ΚΛΟΥΒΙ at Argiropoulo’s car, during the snowfall of 2017. Unfortunately, the snow melted the other day and no match in snow was played.
A woman tries to make a Cage player jealous.. 🙂
Teo, Tom, Sam and Fio, first played for Cage in 2010, still here, 4/1/2017.
Not in our wildest dreams would we believe in 2010, when the 1st kickoff of a Cage match took place, that we would continue to play and live magical moments in 2017. Fiorel, one of the most important Cage players in the world, poses for a shot with Samaras, 3/1/2017.
The primitive Scheduler wishes for New Year’s Eve to every Cage Player around the world!
Cage Boxing Day 26/12/2016.
Gkotsis relaxing before the match at the secondary pitch of Cage, since the Cage Arena’s lighting system failed, two days before Xmas 2016.
Cage players enjoying the Cage Sunset, while waiting for the Cage kids to “finish” their game..Winter 2016.
When the will for playing in the Cage Arena is greater than physical restrictions! Bill’s boot duct-taped.
“Been there, done that!” – every Cage player.
Cage DeathCup, 28η Οκτωμβρίου 2016, άλλη μια Εθνικη Εορτή στο μαγευτικό Κλουβί μας. 4 ομάδες, μονοήμερο τουρνουά, όλοι με όλους και οι 2 πρώτοι τελικό. Αρχηγοί: Φιλ, Ντιμ, Σπυ, Σαμαρας. Σπυ δεν κατέβηκε τελικά. Θεοδόσης, Φιορέλ, Καλαρέμας, Κιούσης και Σαμαράς, ιστορική ομάδα, προερχόμενη από τους 10 πρώτους Κλουβίσιους το 2010, κατακτούν το DeathCup, με 5-2 κατά Φιλ, αφοί Σταθογιαννάκη, Γκότση και Θανάση Τσάφο.
Warming up.
Snapshot of a match. Photograph by Dinas.
Welcome match for Samaras from USA, 2016.
Πραξικόπημα vol 4
Samaras having Cage memories (and feels) while being in California, July 2016.
It was proposed that a girl should play in the Cage a lot of times..17/7/2016, Jenica Jungle becomes the first female ever to play in a Klouvomatch!
Last official match of Cage, after 6 years. All apps will freeze, except of Scheduler. Samaras leaving for California, USA. 25/06/2016.
PAO wins 20-17, despite the good attempt of OSFP to recover from 10-3 in the first half. Kudos to Fiorel for being calm, especially when Samaras wrecked him in a corner (but no penalty was given), stole the ball and then ran through all the others and scored.

Sunday 12/06/2016, the Cage world is called unexpectedly to handle a crisis. When the game was still on play, the little kids that were playing in the backup pitch of the Cage arena rushed into the pitch and said to me that a kid surrounded with blood was in need of help!

Some said no, let’s continue the game, but I decided to go check and the rest followed. I was a bit afraid of the sight I was about to witness. “Fortunately” there was no blood, just a kid with a broken arm or something. However, he claimed of internal bleeding, but I guess that was because he was afraid and shocked by the fall. The kid tried to jump over some stairs and fell, getting himself trapped behind the locked door, at the right side of back entrance. We could not get him out of there!

The kid told me that I knew his brother, a Cage player, Dimitriadis! I called him, but I couldn’t reach him. The kid stayed calm, which helped a lot, but no solution could be feasible by us. Chalkias called an ambulance and the fire department, to smash the locks. I rushed out of the Cage, found a vehicle and at the very next moment I was at Dimitriadis house. We then headed back to the Cage with their family car.

The ambulance and the fire department was taking too long to come (or at least that was the feeling) and the kid was becoming worse (he was in pain, but still calm). The little kids there helped us to keep the injured kid cool, by bringing him water and Vnatsios and some noncage players chating with him. I called Avanesyan, from the volunteer firefighters of Glyfada to come into play, but he told me that there were told by the fire deparartment to stay idle (since they heard it on the radio and asked if they could help). I then called Tsakirakis, to tall his dad to come and open the doors, but he was not in Athens. Someone else found a woman who had acess to the keys. Before she arrived though, the ambulance and two fire truckers arrived, but was told to wait for the woman with the keys to arrive.

A crowd was assembled, since 15 more players were scheduled to come and play, parents of the little kids around came to see what happened, as well as people passing by. A fact about such situations is that everybody thinks/wants that (s)he can give the solution; too many cooks spoil the soup (όπου λαλούν πολλοί κοκόροι αργεί να ξημερώσει). After that, another door was eventually unlocked, the one with the ramp from the other side, so that it would be easy for the stretcher to come in.

However, the final door keeping the injured kid trapped would not open, even when unlocked, since it was oxyacetylene welded. We unlocked the other door (from the side of the pitch) and the kid was lifted to the stretcher. Then we lifted the stretcher and finally, the kid was freed. It was then rushed to the hospital, only to find out that it was a dislocation, so the story ended up relatively good and the Cage people showed how they could cope with a crisis, which has happened only once, within 6 years!

In 2010, 5 dumb players, including me, went just after the finish of Panellhnies to play in Cage, where a big player, but most importantly a huge human, accepted our challenge (Theodosis, Tom, Trokas, Tragazikis and me VS Fiorel, Kalaremas, Kwstas, Kiousis and Kirillos). Every year, the generation that finishes school comes and takes place in the Cage, replacing the old and rusty players that cannot give more to the Cage. 6 years after, the generation of L, Fanis and A. Stathogiannakis becomes the 6th generation to join the Cage Forces! Who could imagine that Cage would be so successful when we played the very first game back then?
Vasiliadis, after winning a match that they were losing with 7-0 and after Man Utd winning the FA cup, 2016
Samaras birthday 2016!
Fiorel speaks to the ball and the others try with hands to stop him (remember Stathogiannakis attempt on that), Samaras in action now, Saint George 2016!
Last Cage Season, after 6 years, with Theodosis, Fiorel et al. We are getting older..Time will freeze for the Cage apps and the Scheduler is what I am going to leave behind me, for the players!
Match for the newborn son of Marialena Satou, 3/4/2016. Wish him health! 🙂
Every year Cage bleeds, as players move to other cities/countries. This time, Paul is leaving for a Master to Germany, 24/3/2016. But I know it won’t be the last goodbye match for The Cage! :/
Sun City match 2016. Cage had an outstanding invincible squad from 2010 in both home and away matches. However, a couple of years ago, we lost, on the very same pitch we lost again today. that defeat was the first and had hurt me very much. However, today, it was OK, since I am now able to see that the important thing is that we played all together, we had fun, Sotiris scored a magnificent bicycle kick and respect was all around. Who cares if we have never lost inside the Cage? The important thing is to play! 🙂
Fiorel’s birthday, but he was in Lamia, 2016.
Welcome match for Dinas from Holland 14/2/2016.
Cage Boxing 2015, party for sister of Kokkoris, Apostolopoulos also there.
Christmas Cage 2015
Player from Germany, 2015.
Flegkas, plays at Austria, 2015.
Player from Germany, 2015.

Cage Cup

Update Jan 2016: Due to the failure of the teams to play when they are supposed to do so, new rules are announced, since we are out of time:

  1. Every team must play at least a match per month.
  2. If a match is not played inside it’s corresponding month, the match will be given to the team that tried harder to schedule the match.
  3. A team can fetch any Cage player which doesn’t play at Cage Cup (or any player, if the opponent team agrees), if it cannot form a team with the already registered players and there is no other day (in that month) that the match can take place.
  4. The captains have the final word in how their match is going to take place.

A tournament where the teams would be fixed was a long-lasted dream from the first days of the Cage, 5 years ago. However, every guy that ever attended the Cage arena know how hard would this be. The solution came from the youngest players of the Cage ( innovation, due to Fanis! 🙂 ), who proposed a Cage Cup, with fixed teams for a limited number of matches, that will be performed in parallel with the championship.

Every team should state its players, until 20/10, at 23:59. Every team must have at least 5 players (non-cage players allowed), but the roster should be announced until the deadline. Every team is allowed to bring only one player (assuming he is not in the basic 5 membered squad), after the deadline.

The schedule of the Cup will be announced when the number of the teams gets fixed. It is said that the number will be equal to 5. In that case, a group of 5 teams will be formed, where every team will play against each other once. Then, the 1st team will play against the 4th team and the 2nd one, against the 3rd one. The winners shall qualify to the big final, where the winning team will receive the trophy and medals (for that reason, it would be nice if every player would submit 1-2 euros).

The timeline of the Cup will be flexible and loose, in order to make sure everybody can make it and to reassure that the Cup won’t replace the Championship. It is the duty of the captain of every team to schedule the match with another team (every captain shall receive contact details of all the captains, after the deadline). In the case of 5 teams, every month, 2 matches(4 teams) should be played, while one team will rest for the current month. If desired, a team can play up to 2 matches per month. Every match should be announced in the textbox of the Scheduler.



Γενιά του 98
  1. Fanis Lathouras (CF)
  2. Leonidas Oikonomopoulos (GK)
  3. Antreas Granas (CB)
  4. Apollonas Grivas (CB)
  5. Spiros Vnatsios (GK)
  6. Alex Asimakopoulos (CF)
  7. Antreas Stathogiannakis (DMF)

Alex missing

Ούζα και ζαμπόν
  1. Fiorel Mali (CMF)
  2. Giorgos Loubardis (CB)
  3. Periklis Gkotsis (DMF)
  4. Mike Dimitriou (CMF)
  5. Bill Papadimitropoulos (CF)
  6. Nektarios Moustakis (CF)
  7. Marios Mpekes (GK)
  8. George Moustakis (CF)

Mous missing

  1. Giorgos Samaras (CMF)
  2. Theodosis Tzanetakis (CB)
  3. Giorgos Apostolopoulos (CB)
  4. Dimitris Mariglis (CMF)
  5. Yannis Drogitis (CMF)
  6. Nikos Midha (CMF)
  7. Thodoris Samaras (CB)
  8. Mike Gouletas (RB)


  1. Panagiotis Dimitriadis (CMF)
  2. Thodoris Karavousanos (CF)
  3. Argiris Mavrelis (CF)
  4. Giorgos Vergis (CB)
  5. Nikos Sotiropoulos (CMF)
  6. Pantelis Polizos (CB)
  7. Mike Apostolakis (CB)
  8. Tom Dinas (CMF)
Real Klarin
  1. Xaris Spiropoulos (RB)
  2. Konstantinos Oikonomopoulos (CB)
  3. Babis Laganas (DMF)
  4. Yannis Pappas (CMF)
  5. Stamatis Skrekis (GK)
  6. Yannis Skopelitis (CF)
  7. Yannis Kikilas (LB)


  1. Dimitris Philiopoulos (CMF)
  2. Nikos Tsafos (CB)
  3. Thanasis Tsafos (CF)
  4. Sotiris Stathogiannakis (DMF)
  5. Stavros Gkotsis (CF)
  6. Kostarikis (CMF)
  7. Nikos Skouteris (DMF)
  8. Nikos Flegkas (CB)



  1. Do NOT injure the other players! (play as you play in the Cage League)
  2. Every match should stop at 17 goals (unless both teams agree on another threshold)
  3. Every team can call for 1 timeout
  4. Sliding tackles are disallowed, even if they are for the ball
  5. Out will be marked where the drainage(σχάρα) starts 🙂
  6. No Cage Cup matches will be played on Friday and Sunday, unless Fiorel or Fanis request it, or on special cases.
  7. If a team requests a referee, then the two teams have to agree on a person to play that role


  1. November: Γενιά του 98 VS Ούζα με ζαμπόν, Πανκλουβιακός VS ΡΑΚούν, Real Klarin vs ui48975
  2. December: Γενιά του 98 VS ui48975, Πανκλουβιακός VS Ούζα με ζαμπόν, Real Klarin vs ΡΑΚούν
  3. January: Γενιά του 98 VS Real Klarin, Πανκλουβιακός VS ui48975, Ούζα με ζαμπόν vs ΡΑΚούν
  4. February: Γενιά του 98 VS ΡΑΚούν, Πανκλουβιακός VS Real Klarin, Ούζα με ζαμπόν vs ui48975
  5. March: Γενιά του 98 VS Πανκλουβιακός, Ούζα με ζαμπόν VS Real Klarin, ΡΑΚούν vs ui48975

The captains of the teams (1st player in every team’s list above) are responsible for setting a match day per pair. Remember, that you must inform the Scheduler about the match. A tip for the captains is to use the edit button in the Scheduler, in order to explore different formation settings for their teams (feature supported only in big screens). Just create a match with our players (don’t save of course) and if needed, share the formation settings with your players. For example, I will create a secret FB group for my team and post the formations (with screenshots) there.

The four top teams will qualify in the semi-finals, in order to make their way to the big final, claiming the cup and the medals! The results will be uploaded cage results. Have fun guys! 🙂 And remember, there is going to be a trophy for the Cage League too. Moreover, if we see that the Cage Cup is successful, then a summer version of it will be launched. Last but not least, I would like to thank Theodosis for using his connections to purchase nice football kits in extremely low prices!

Fans in the Premier match of the Cage Cup 1/11/2015!
Elections 2015, ΕΚΛΟΓΕΣ=ΚΛΟΥΒΙ, 20/9/2015.
Goodbye match for Skouteris, which leaves Cage for Granada (Spain), 20-17, 13/9/2015.
The representative team of the Cage (Philiopoulos, Fanis, Samaras, Oikonomo brothers) wins the team of the university of Spiropoulos, in a match held in Agia Paraskeui, 16-13, 11/9/2015.
Cage… the memories!
Last match of Moustakis for Summer 8/9/2015. Bill, Periklis, Bekes, Spiropoulos, Argiropoulos, Loubardis, Moustakis, Samaras, Goulis, Fiorel.
Goodbye match for Samaras, which was about to go to EPFL. However, 3 hours before the flight he changed his mind. A significant reason was the love that he received from the Cage! 🙂 1/7/2019, which was the first match of the 2015-16 season and the last match of 13 matches in the row at that time..
YOLO Cage match, before the surgery of Stathopoulos, 31/7/2015.
From top-left: Stathogiannakis, T_Tsafos, Gotsis, Stathopoulos, Dimitriadis, Mavrelis, Papanikolaou, Tsafos, Skopelitis, Pappas, Spiropoulos, Fiorel, Samaras and Yiannaras.
C. Ronaldo kit given to Fiorel by Stathogiannakis, 31/7/2015.
Summer 2015, at the name day of Profitis Ilias, Klouvi is again active..
Samaras takes the penalty, Leonidas saves it..
..Samaras reaches first for the ball, Leonidas saves again…
..Mavrelis starts a new attack!
Simple as that.
Referendum 2015. Samaras, Philiopoulos, Gotsis, Pappas, Skopelitis, Manos, Jimis, Yorgos, Fanis and L_oikonomo.
Legendary team of 92ers almost gathered, with Tragazikis to be absent. Markos, brother of Theodosis took his place at the left of the picture. Tom, Trokas, Samaras and Theodosis.
Samaras ( Ash Ketchum 😛 ), Philiopoulos, Stathogiannakis, Pappas, Gotsis VS Polizos, Dimitriadis, A_Stathogiannakis, Skopelitis and L_Oikonomo. Easy win for the 2nd team. Tiers were also full of supporters, such as Dinas, Mavrelis, Y_Mavrelis, Fanis and Jimis. There is also a video from that match First Cage match of Polizos.
Gotsis is back to Cage. Special moment for Samaras, hadn’t seen him from 2012, when Gotsis went to Australia, while Samaras was at Switzerland. Philiopoulos, Damianakis, Gotsis, Fiorel, Kalaremas, A_Stathogiannakis, Stathogiannakis, Theodosis, Fanis and Samaras.
Cage has worldwide reputation.
Cage players are romantic.
Olympiacos VS Panathinaikos (17-14): Karavousanos, Apostolopoulos, Maris, Spiropoulos, L_Oikonomo, Pappas, Skrekis, Oikonomo, Fiorel and Samaras, 28/6/5015.
Moustakis returns back to cage for the Summer of 2015. In the picture: Belonis-Stathogiannakis-Drogitis-Spiropoulos-A_Stathogiannakis, (down) Samaras-Laganas-Moustakis-N_Moustakis-Fiorel, 25/6/5015.

On 17/6/2015, at a Cage match:

“Η διασκέδαση είναι πάνω απο τη νίκη στο Κλουβί!”
-Sotiris Stathogiannakis

Samaras is surprised by a statement made as the players were enjoying their Souvlaki after the Uni league semi-final, thus he wonders. Credits to Dimitriadis and Apostolopoulos, for staying with the Cage player for eating Souvlakia, despite his early-morning flight to UK.
Indirect free kick (έμμεσο) during Cage match, 22/5/2015 (20-15 for the 91+92+93ers vs 94ers),
Uni league semi-final, Real Klarin vs the Huns (95+96ers vs 94ers). Cage is proud for them! 20/5/2015. Read full story here.
Match for the graduation of Theodosis and the birtday of Samaras, 15-14 for the 94ers, 17/5/15. A match thas was played under the hot sun, because of the final four of Olympiacos. (part 1/2 – before)
Elen was also there. Philiopoulos was sick and Stathogiannakis injured. Notice the determinative face of Mavrelis. Also notice the random junior Cage player that was eating ice cream, but wanted to join the tiers. (part 2/2 – after)
Real Klarin: the 96ers of the Cage at 32-phase of the Uni League! Win for the Cage players, 7-5, 3/5/15.
Protomagia 2015. Ring of flowers made by Samaras super sweet mother, Kostula, from her flowers! 🙂
El Clasico in the Cage! Fiorel and Stathogiannakis, 1/5/15.

The Cage administration decided to assign new roles in certain players, so that they can perform in an optimal way:

    • Karavousanos: Head of Security. The player has demonstrated its strength by punching other players (!). So much power going to waste..


    • Samaras: One more guy in the tier(kerkida). The player has demonstrated very loud screams while shooting the ball. That voice shall make the crowd of the fans louder!


    • Philiopoulos: Hair stylist. The player has demonstrated marvelous skills in the section of hair styling, since the times he does his hair, instead of going for the ball were enough to make the administration change his role, from a player, to a hair stylist. Bonus stylist will be Tryfonas Samaras.


    • Theodosis: Referee. Without doubt, that player spends more time in describing why the shoot was in or not, whether a tackle was a foul or not, etc., rather than playing. As a result the administration strongly believes that he should be a referee.


    • Mariglis: Doctor. He is a good player, but since Samaras needs treatment from the numerous hard tackles he receives inside the penalty area (which result in penalty kicks), the need for a doctor is urgent. Moreover, if Karavousanos continues punching people, the role of the doctor will be urgent²!


  • Stathogiannakis: PR of Klouvi. The player has demonstrated his good relationships with the ladies, resulting in fetching women in the Cage for support. The administration would like him to focus on the public relations topic, in order to bring more women in the Cage!

Happy April Fools’ Day from the Cage administration for 2015! 🙂

Samaras trying to wipe out water brought by rain from the Cage terrain, by using state of the art equipment. The match was finally played, but it was stopped, because of a physical fight between Karavousanos and Philiopoulos.
Cage players are all over the world..and they rock! Here, G. Moustakis and his team win first place with H.S.A.C, Montreal, Canada, 22/3/2015. He made Cage proud! 🙂
Dedicated to Stathopoulos, who suffers from a serious knee injury, which happened in another pitch. One more Cage player that is injured outside the unexpected safety Cage provides, because it may be a dangerous pitch, but we all take care of each other.
Beatiful view from the Cage tier, taken by Helen, before the derby, Sunday 15/3. Partially video coverage of the derby here.
Goodbye match for Fiorel and surprise bday cake, 1/3/15. Fiorel is one of the primitive Cage players, one of the first 10 (now we have about 60 players). Cage just loves him and so does he, he will be missed² for sure³ and we can’t wait for his comeback from Lamia. Every years, many players come to the Cage, either as newcomers, or opponents, but no one is like Fiorel, a true Cage player!
Cage has players all over the world and they know that the picture is true…
Cage is a place where everything is fine!
Stathogiannakis seems desperate for the outcome of the match..and not without a reason. His team suffered from a defeat of 17-7.
Me, trying to organize both teams, before the kick-off a Synday Cage match.
The team of 94ers shows how well-connected they are, because of the long friendship they enjoy.
Mavrelis, Dimitriadis, Ntinas and Karavousanos in the place where Cage is today. At the left, parents of Mariglis can be seen.
Comeback from Paris 2015 for Samaras and first Cage match with “left” government in Greece.
Unfortunately, the match was halted, because of a failure in the light system of the Cage.
Up: Ilias, Philiopoulos, Skopelitis, Dimitriadis, Apostolopoulos, Stathogiannakis
Down: Samaras, Gouletas, Daoutis, Fiorel
A Cage delegation, with main representative Dimitriadis, talked about the Cage stadium and its modern & incomparable facilities. The picture has a copyright disclaimer, so please do not copy-paste. 🙂
Cage boxing day 2014! The legendary team of 92ers was brought back together (except Tragazikis).
Samaras, Theodosis, Tom, Trokas and Stathopoulos were losing 1-8 from Protogiros (first player to say the world “Cage” in the field), Tsafos, T_Tsafos, Pavlos and Kwstas, but after an outstanding comeback the score was 20-19! As Theodosis stated: “the team of 92ers has made many remarkable comebacks”. That is true, however, this match was with an injured Samaras, which actually helped only when the score was 18-13, thus it was really magical!
Christmas 2014 at Cage! Between the two balls, the candies Santa brought us!
17-13 for Samaras, Philiopoulos, T_Vergis, Fiorel and Dimitriadis vs
Karavousanos, Mavrelis, Mariglis, Vergis and Stathopoulos
Dimitriadis didn’t have any luck with that match..Philiopoulos inspiration!
Cage gets dressed by the best Xmas decorations this year, children’s drawings! 18/12/2014
Dimitriadis and Samaras are discussing how to put pressure on the Mayor of Glyfada to take care of the lighting problem in the Cage. Today 9/11, the Cage match was continued after darkness came by, since the lighting is back to normal! 🙂 Dimitriadis, Karavousanos and Kwstas helped a lot with this problem.
Lidl ready to become a sponsor of Cage, agreement about to be reached by Fiorel!
Match devoted to the sign in of Apostolopoulos and Mariglis.

Every season the Cage (now in it’s 5th one) is happy to sign in new young players. Every season the Cage hurts to see players leaving to play in another town of Greece, or another country, since Cage players can be found inside a sphere, defined by a diameter, that it’s extreme points lie in Australia(Gotsis) and Canada(Moustakis). This season (2014-15), we were lucky enough to bring back two players, Apostolopoulos and Mariglis. Their transfer made Cage people very happy!

Match devoted to Kiousis, who had a surgery. Kiousis was one of the 10 first players to accompany Cage, in its first steps at 2010. Picture taken at 28/9/2014.

After my travel to France, we played the first Cage match the day I landed to El. Venizelos.

Up: Borboudakis, Stathopoulos, Dimitriadis, Philiopoulos, Mavrelis, Karavousanos and Theodosis
Down: Fiorel, Y_Mavrelis, Kwstas, Vergis and at the bottom Samaras

Cage players are loaned to the following countries/cities:

  • Australia (S. Gotsis)
  • Russia (Kirilos)
  • England, UK (Savalanos and Agis)
  • Austria (Flegkas)
  • Thessaloniki (Stathopoulos and Stamatopoulos)
  • Patra (Skouteris and T_Tsafos)
  • Switzerland and France (Samaras)
  • Chalkida (Daoutis)
  • Komotini (Panagiotidis)
  • Lamia (Fiorel)
  • Mitilini (Kalaremas)
  • Crete (Tokas and Kokkoris)
  • Canada (Moustakis)
  • all over the world (Yiannis)
Αυτό κάνουμε² στο Κλουβί. Ιδέα του Φιορέλ.


Κλουβί is where I, many friends and general many people love to play football. As terrain, we have a smooth one, which is designed for basketball, not grass. No goals are there, but two columns that are there for basketball and two garbage bins form the two goals. These bins and columns have created many conflicts, but they served Κλουβί well for many years and they still do. The pitch is located at the corner of Aghiou Nektariou and Ghennimata. For the rest of the world is the 8th school of Glyfada. Many players come from there.

Dimitris Stathopoulos, said on 20/12/13: “ειναι γιορτη ρε, γιορτη ειναι το κλουβι!”. Cage is very happy to hear this kind of statements! 🙂

Proper boots

Update 14/01/16: 20 euros @Adidas in Nea Smirni.
Update 30/04/15: The boots at Adidas in Nea Smirni cost 30 euros. The boots at Adidas in Nea Smirni cost 19 euros, but only pairs of 45+1/3 are available.

  • Adidas Outlet Mesogion: 210-65-61-158 (optimal metro stop is Nomismatokopio)
  • Adidas Outlet Piraeus: 210-48-35-704
  • Adidas Outlet Acharnon: 210-25-25-280 (optimal metro stop is Agios Eleutherios)
  • Adidas Outlet Nea Smirni: 210-98-46-642 (optimal tram stop is Achilleos)

Update 10/10/14: The orange boots purchased by most of the Cage players at the price of 16 euros are no longer available (and will never be), except the ones with number 46 ( my foot was swimming in them! ;p ). The majority of the rest of the stores I checked in Nea Smirni didn’t have anything interesting enough for the very high level of Cage. The follow-up model(actually is pretty much the same boot) of the orange boots we all loved, was the one I purchased, at 48 euros, from the Adidas store I mention in the next paragraph. Sometimes, the three last days of the month are accompanied by a 20% discount, but they decide that at the last moment. In other words, there is nothing special at the moment there.

The proper boots for the Cage are the ones that are used in Futsal. One can play fine with the common shoes (παππούτσια με σκάρα), but because of the Cage hot terrain, the normal boots won’t last long. They tend to tear apart themselves. For longer efficiency, the Cage administration, suggests futsal boots. A perfect place for purchasing these kind of boots, is at the stock market in Nea Smurni (Achilleos Tram Station). Adidas is exactly near the station. More big brands are located in this street (starting from El. Venizelou 124 street). Personally, I am pretty fine with Adidas (my common boots were purchased there for 22 euros and my futsal ones, for 16 euros only!).

This is the Tram Station for Nea Smirni’s store.
Futsal boot

Special thanks to Eleanna Katsiouli and Nancy Kolovou for the presice info. 🙂

Transfers 2013

As the season arises to its start, Cage transfers come to an end, for 2013. We had 3 arrivals and 8 departures. We will miss all of them, not only for their performances in Cage, but for their personality and well ok, in case of Fiorel, for his beauty ;p. Note that in case of Daoutis, the economical requirements of the player are not yet satisfied, thus negotiations still go on and the player may resume playing for Cage.

However, as the rest -equally important players (e.g. Gotsis)- that departed from Cage, these players will be more than welcome, when they come back for vacation or for any other reason. This Summer for example, many “departed” players played and performed very well (Flegkas from Austria, Tsafos and Skouteris from Patra, etc.).


Surname :        Mavrelis
Name :             Argyris
Generation :   94
Came from:    Komotini


Surname :        Borboudakis
Name :             Vangelis
Generation :   94
Came from:    Glyfada


Surname :       Samaras
Name :            Theodor
Generation :   94
Came from:    Peloponnese/RethymnoA transfer – thriller is announced tonight. T. Samaras, signed with Cage. The stopper was ready to sign with Rethymno, after leaving Peloponnese (played one year there). However, Olympic Air decided to sponsor the player (we really thank the ailiner for this and from now on, all our Cage air trips will be done with Olympic). As a result, T. Samaras will be part of the proud family of the Cage. Welcome!


Surname :        Mali
Name :             Fiorel
Generation :   95
Destination:    Lamia


Surname :        Lazidis
Name :             Kostas
Generation :   93(95)
Destination:    Millitary


Surname :     Stathopoulos
Name :        Dimitris
Generation :   94
Destination:    Thessaloniki
Goodbye St (27/9/13)!
Up: Tokas, Kokkoris (no goodbye match, since he is did not sign for Cage, but preferred Crete), Karavousanos, Dimitriadis, Dinas, Filliopoulos, Gouletas and Borboudakis (that’s a real splint hand..)
Down: Raptis, Kastanias, Mavrelis, Stathopoulos, Vergis, Samaras and Mavrelis jr


A great come back for the team of Stathopoulos (Samaras, Gouletas, Kokkoris, Borboudakis (with broken arm) and Raptis) today vs Dinas, Dimitriadis, Karavousanos, Mavrelis, Filliopoulos and Kastanias. The match had video coverage (commentators Vergis and Mavrelis jr, producer: Karavousanos). The video is going to be uploaded. Result was, for the history, 20 – 18.

However, the match was marked by the after-match injury of Karavousanos (severe cut in eyebrow, stitches may be needed). The injury took place when the celebrations were coming to an end. Dinas and Mavrelis were involved with this incident. Incident or accident? Some say that this was the outcome of a disagreement, but I strongly believe it was an accident. A bottle full of ice caused the cut, which would not stop bleeding. The administration is considering of setting a fine to Cage players, Dinas and Mavrelis. Kavarousanos, bleeds for the Cage (endless bleeding, needed 6 stitched)!


A special comment from G. Vergis, unedited:
“Unfortunately a great player of Klouvi Dimitris Stathopoulos moves to Thessaloniki (Salonika, mother of mpougatsas). I ‘d like to say that i ‘ll miss him , most of all i ‘ll miss our lectural fights and the different angle we had in how football should be played. I want to wish him luck at his new beggining ( sti ksenitia) and to remind him that he is my whore (poutanaki) as far as football matches are concerned. Finally i would like to tell him that we all love him and we are going to miss him and his skills. I know that he ‘ll say it’s a bit gay post but that’s why we love him. Να περνας καλα αγορινα!”

The administration and the chairman of the Cage would like to wish Stathopoulos all the best for his new start again.


Surname :        Daoutis
Name :             Yorgos
Generation :    95
Destination:    Chalcis


Surname :        Kalaremas
Name :             Yorgos
Generation :    95
Destination:    Mytilene


Surname :        Moutafis
Name :             Agis
Generation :    92
Destination:    UK


Surname :        Koldourmidis
Name :             Kirillos
Generation :   94(95)
Destination:    Russia


Surname :        Moustakis
Name :             Yorgos
Generation :    95
Destination:    Canada


At the end of the “goodbye” match for Mustakis departure to Canada, in Cage -of course-, 2013. Kiousis, Kalaremas, Fiorel, Lazidis, Periklis, Argyropoulos, Valia, Maria, Eleni, Lorbek and Samaras were there to say the cage goodbye. More cage players were there and played in honor of Mustakis, like Philiopoulos, Stathopoulos and Spyropoulos. Moreover, the super player Daoutis was there too! 🙂


Friends of Mustakis went to the airport to say goodbye to the cage striker of the 95ers.


Summer 2013

Η καλοκαιρινή σεζόν στο Κλουβί, έχει ξεκινήσει για τρίτη συνεχόμενη χρονιά. Θυμηθείτε το παιχνίδι 95 vs 92 (με νικητές τους νεαρούς), αμέσως μετά το τέλος των Πανελληνίων, to 2010, την ίδια κιόλας μέρα (Ο Θεοδόσης είχε ακόμα να γράψει Αοθ, αλλά ήταν εκεί ~όπως πάντα 🙂 ). Τώρα, οι 95αρηδες ήταν αυτοί που τελείωσαν τις Πανελλήνιες και παίχτηκε ίδιο αναμνηστικό παιχνίδι, με την ομάδα των 92αρηδων να περιέχει παίχτες και από άλλες γενιές και εν τέλει να βγει νικήτρια.

Οπότε αυτή η παράγραφος είναι αφιερωμένη στα < 3 χρόνια Κλουβί! > και στα junior του Κλουβιού που ενεργά στηρίζουν αυτή την ιδέα! Επίσης αξιοσημείωτη είναι η “λήξη της απεργίας απο τους Δημητριάδη, Ντίνα και Καραβουσάνο, έπειτα από τα ταραχώδη επεισόδια τότε. Τέλος, άξιο σχολιασμού, είναι το ότι με το τέλος του Ιουνίου, οι 93αρηδες κατάφεραν να κάνουν το πρώτο 100% στα στατιστικά, στο τομέα των συμμετοχών!

Τα junior του Κλουβιού!


Πάρτυ 94αρηδων 2013.
Πάνω, αριστερά->δεξιά: Μένταβλος, Κόκκορης, Σταθόπουλος, Ντίνας, Βέργης, Μπορμπουδάκης, Σωτηρόπουλος, Αποστολάκης.
Κάτω, αριστερά->δεξιά: Δαμιανάκης, Δημητριάδης, Σαμαράς, Καραβουσάνος.


Πάνω, αριστερά->δεξιά: Τσιλίκας, Γιαννής, Αβρανάς, Μαυρέλης (junior), Σταθόπουλος, Φιλιόπουλος.
Κάτω, αριστερά->δεξιά: Λαζίδης, Βέργης, Μάνθος, Σαμαράς, Μπορμπουδάκης


Πάνω, αριστερά->δεξιά: Μουστάκης, Λαζίδης, Κύριλλος, Δαούτης, Φιορέλ.
Κάτω, αριστερά->δεξιά: Τρόκας, Σταθόπουλος, Σαμαράς, Τζανετάκης Μ., Τζανετάκης Θ.


Όπως πάνω, αλλά μαζί με τον Αντρέα Κιούση (κάτω δεξιά).


Κάποιοι κλουβίσιοι παίχτες, έγραψαν κάτι για το Κλουβί:

    • Το Κλουβί Γενικά στη ζωή σας!
      Φιλιόπουλος (93)


    • Το “κλουβί” αν και κλουβί μας προσφέρει μια αίσθηση ελευθερίας και ξεγνοιασιάς.
      Το “κλουβί” είναι ένας σημαντικός κρίκος στη ψυχή όλων εμάς των “πιστών” και
      μας ενώνει μέσα από την κοινή αγάπη για το ποδόσφαιρο και το “ευ αγωνίζεσθαι”. Το “κλουβί” είναι…ιδέα!
      Θεοδόσης (92)


    • Στο Κλουβί, έμαθα να χάνω, διότι το σημαντικότερο είναι να παίζουμε. Μακάρι να συνεχίζουμε να παίζουμε για χρόνια ακόμα και ας χάνω συνέχεια!
      Σαμαράς (92)
    • “στο κλουβι εμαθα, στο κλουβι εζησα, στο Κλουβί ενιωσα”
      Βασιλειάδης (93)


  • Μπάλα νόμιζα πως έπαιζα από παιδάκι.Κλουβί όμως μόνο ένα χρόνο.
    Σταθόπουλος (94)
  • “το 8ο δημοτικο…ή οπως μετονομαστηκε αργοτερα σε Κλουβι…ειναι ο χωρος που μεγαλωσα..εκει πηγα δημοτικο..εκει περασα τα παιδικα μου χρονια παιζοντας μπαλα..αναπωλω τις μερες που ημουν δημοτικο και παιζαμε μπαλα με μεγαλητερους και νιωθαμε υπεροχα..τις στιγμες που μεγαλωσα και εβλεπα τα μικρα παιδια να παιζουν και πολλες φορες επαιζα μαζι τους…υπεροχο συναισθημα…ειναι κατι μαγικο…γενιες και γενιες ανθρωπων περνανε απο αυτο το μερος…η μετονομασια του σε Κλουβι εχει φερει περισσοτερο κοσμο…το Κλουβι ειναι γνωστο πλεον και στο εξωτερικο…ΟΛΟΙ ειναι ευπροσδεκτοι..
    Ειναι τιμη για μενα το οτι μεγαλωσα σε αυτον τον χωρο,παιζοντας με ολα τα ατομα που εχω παιξει διαχρονικα,ολες τις χαρες αλλα και ολες τις λυπες…στο μελλον θα το φωναζω οτι στο ΚΛΟΥΒΙ εμαθα μπαλα, στο ΚΛΟΥΒΙ εχω περασει τις ωραιοτερες στιγμες τις ζωης μου αλλα και πολλες δυσκολες στιγμες αλλα και τσακωμους..
    Το Κλουβι για μενα ειναι σαν 2ο σπιτι..θα μου επιτρεψετε να κλεψω μια ατακα και να πω οτι “Εδω ειναι ο παραδεισος , και η κολαση εδω!”
    Φιορέλ (95)
Το Κλουβί παρομονή του προφήτη Ηλία!


All stadiums around the globe get modernized. I remember when I was at Camp Nou (Barcelona), they had modern facilities, but they had kept the spirit of the old stadium. As a result, Κλουβί followed this example (or maybe the inverse happened, but I wouldn’t like to open a flame with Sandro Rosell (President of Barcelona FC)). Κλουβί didn’t forget its traditions and maintained the old good football and its spirit!
Here you can watch a 3 minutes video of a match, that was cancelled later due to violent incidents.

The modernization came to have effect in technical aspects of the Cage, such as water management and lighting. Main modernization of the image of the Cage was the taller branches that are now around it. That gave Κλουβί an enviable and remarkable modern look around the stadiums of the globe. Moreover, it minimized the times that the players had to go out of the pitch, in order to pick up the ball.

A player trying to pick the ball.

Κλουβί is going to have a pioneer role to the rules that apply on football (the one that we play, not the one you see on TV 😉 ). Nobody is going to scream for fouls/ball passed the line/penalties/etc. . If the game has to stop, the players that are involved in the current moment, should mention it.
Cage message Prefer playing football, rather than watching.


The name Κλουβί came after a game in 8o (old name), at 2010. The classical team of 92’s of 8o hosted a local team which had as players some 91’s. Much talking was done about this before the day of the match. The 91’s, been also familiar with the stadium, thought that they would easily take a win from a team that had all each players raised in 7ο, except Theodosis, which had grown outside Terspithea/Anw Glyfada. His father was a player of the local team, but then reached up to B professional division. As a result they had to move, when one of the best stoppers of Kλουβί (if not the best), was in early age. Me, Thomas, Trokas and Tragazikis were from 7o, but found home in 8o right after the final exams of the high school (Πανελλήνιες). First official match was played the same day the exams were over.

Tom’s party 2013. I am very proud² of this team.
Thanks to Apostolis Lempesis for the photo shoot.


Easy match for the home team. This was the first time the teams played against each other. Much discussion after the match, with the older team trying to rationalize their failure to be a competitive team for the 92’s. And then, Nikos Protoguros, a well known player among the older members of Κλουβί, with a perfect understanding of the pitch, positions and timing said:

How do you expect us to win,inside this Cage we are playing at?

He was inspired by the famous old Nike ad (Nike sponsors some of the Cage players for this season).

The CAGE – Nike ad


Men with pride, play wonderful football. Here are the rules in a picture.

Cage rules. Hereunder some rules inspired by Tom (the 92er):

the 1st rule of KLOUBI is:you do not talk about KLOUBI
the 2nd rule of KLOUBI is:you DO NOT talk about KLOUBI
the 3rd rule of KLOUBI is:if someone goes limb or says “stop”,the match is over(oxi akribws :P)
the 4th rule of KLOUBI is:only two teams in a match
the 5th rule of KLOUBI is:one match at a time
the 6th rule of KLOUBI is:matches will go on as long as they have to
the 7th rule of KLOUBI is:if this is your first night at KLOUBI,you have to play


As all big clubs around the world, Κλουβί has its own football academy. An academy, that the Netherlands ones are jealous of. The cage believes in its young players. As a matter of fact, 80% (or more) of the players that are active till now, come from the academy of the Cage (8o).

One of the youngest Cage players, Konstantinos and me, G. Samaras


Cage (Κλουβί) has been a target for many scouters around the world. As mentioned in the above section, the Cage was based in its own academy as main source for player. As a result, the Cage players have some unique skills, that normal players lack of. So, it is quite common for the president of the Cage to have many proposals. Moreover, the fact that Cage team of 92’s has won all the local teams (5o, 3o, 6o, 14o and some other ones), gave its reputation a boost. Some examples are S. Gotsis (Australia), G. Samaras (Switzerland), X. Savalanos (England) and N. Flegkas (Austria). Below we see some pictures taken for the last matches of G. Samaras in the Cage for 2012. Many players are not shown in the pictures below, because the matches were held on vacation period.

President of the 94’s, Panagiotis Dimitriadis and president of the 92’s G. Samaras
Memorial miniature of the Cage


Arguris, Karavousanos, Dimitriadis, Stathopoulos, Dinas and Sotiropoulos
G. Samaras, Theodosis, Savalanos, Tsaki and Gotsis
16 – 20, end of Summer 2012


Fiorel, Kwstas, Moustakis, Daoutis and Kirilos
G. Samaras, Paulos, T. Samaras, Vasileiadis and Gotsis
19 – 21, end of Summer 2012


Night after goodbye game, end of Summer 2012
Valia and Maria (the ladies of the Cage, including Gemeni)
Periklis and Kalaremas were also there


Maria, Valia, G. Samaras, Eugeneia, Elina and Periklhs
at the last picture in the Cage for 2012


The truth

What is really happening… (picture)

The truth


Official ball of Κλουβί


Theo Karavousanos (on the right, Dinas, Philiopoulos, G. Samaras and T. Samaras)


Dimitriadis scored many long distance shots against children goalies, that would play until the Cage player that was late, arrive.


“Οι παίχτες του Κλουβιού, μοιρίζονται τα goal!”, said Ronaldo de Assis Moreira (born 21 March 1980), commonly known as Ronaldinho.


In order to organize better the matches, a Facebook group is created, but Scheduler seemed to be a greater tool after all, thus the Facebook group does not exist anymore.



“euxh mou einai na mhn parasurthoume POTE apo sumferonta eite oikonomika eite gkomenika eite gia opoiondhpote allo logo kai to mono pou tha mas noiazei einai na paizoume BALARA sto klouvi!!”

Fiorel – President of 95’s

Philiopoulos – President of 93’s


“Φυσικά και ακύρωσα το ραντεβού με την κοπέλα, αφού είχαμε μπάλα στο Κλουβί!”

Samaras – President of 92’s

“Savvas Ac Klouvi: Like sex….but better!”


Τερματοφύλακας : Καλά ρε μ****** έχουμε εδώ έμεσσα;
Σταθόπουλος : Φυσικά,που νομίζεις οτι παίζεις σε καμιά αλάνα;
Kokkoris : alanes uparxoun polles ,klouvi mono ena

Stathopoulos – Player of 94’s

Viva homeless
…everybody for the wonderful and unique atmosphere we have in ΚΛΟΥΒΙ!
Much love in there 😉


Page created by G. (George) Samaras (DIT)


6 thoughts on “Κλουβί > History – Description

  1. Φοβερή δουλειά!!
    Το “κλουβί” έχει τη δική του ιστορία,
    Κάποιοι την έγραψαν στο τοίχο με μπογιά :p

  2. Πολύ καλή δουλειά. Βλέπουμε το τι χτίζεται και το τι παράγεται κ μας αρέσει.
    Να ξέρετε οτι είναι θέμα εβδομάδων αν όχι ημερών που θα σας έρθει η πρόταση
    για έναν αγώνα στον πολυφημισμένο Κλουβί. Συνεχίστε την καλή δουλειά και
    παραγωγικότητα αυτού του θεσμού. (!)

  3. Ευχαριστουμε Αγγελε για τα καλα σου λογια και χρονια πολλα και απο την επισημη σελιδα του Κλουβιου. Προς ενημερωση σου, η ομαδα του Κλουβιου ειναι κλεισμενη Πεμπτη και Σαββατο. Θα χαρουμε πολυ να σας υποδεχτουμε στην εδρα μας!

  4. Πολύ κάλη δουλειά Σαμαρά.. Ελπίζω κάθε χρόνο να βλέπουμε καινούριες φωτό, καινούριες δημοσιεύσεις και καινούρια πρόσωπα στο κλουβί.. (Μάθε μπάλα επιτέλους)

  5. Δαουταρα εισαι μεγαλη παιχταρα και μακαρι να βρεθουν τα χρηματα απο την ομαδα να σε κρατησουμε στο Κλουβι!!!
    // Μου μαθες χθες εσυ!! 😀

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